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innovative way WOT can keep kids safe online with policymakers, Internet industry leaders, educators, legislators, law enforcement, Internet safety advocates, teachers, and technologists.

The WOT community has identified the four largest categories among risky websites: Adult content including age-inappropriate material meant for adults: Content depicting nudity, sexual content, violence, vulgar or hateful language or content that encourages dangerous or illegal activities.

Software including free and licensed software.

Entertainment including movies, games, music, screensavers, smileys that often include a malicious file.

User- generated content such as hate sites and instructions for drug taking or suicide.

WOTs 15 million users are an excellent resource for finding and indentifying websites which are inappropriate for kids, said Vesa Perl, CEO of WOT.

Every home and classroom benefits from installing the free WOT add-on to help children get the best out of the web and avoid the worst.

WOT helps to keep children safe online.
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