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Pon tube

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Pon tube
9999.0 UV data (seq.

Indisk.0.0 Disk unit #.

Inext, input 'SN SY TY PC or 'CL invers, input table file version.

Source list, qUAL -10.0 Source qualifier -1 all, timerang.

Time range to plot, stokes, stokes type to plot: R, L, RR, LL, rrll, diff, rato X, Y, XX, YY, xxyy.

Selband, bandwidth to plot (kHz selfreq, frequency to plot (MHz).

ID to plot, -1 all, subarray -1.0 Limit to subarray; 0 - 1 -1 - all.

BIF.0 100.0 First IF to plot,.

EIF.0 100.0 Last IF to plot 0 - highest.

Antennas, antennas to plot 0 all, pixrange, range to plot: 0 self scale each antenna separately.

Nplots.0.0 Number of plots per page.

Xinc.0 5000.0 Plot every xinc'th point.

Optype, data to be plotted: 'phas AMP dela rate 'tsys SUM dopl SNR 'mdel tant ATM GEO 'ccal ddly real imag 'IFR pdif psum PGN 'PON poff psys pdgn 'psgn powr podb rphs' 'rdly 'mult' ' 'phase.
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