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Ebe Endocott has come out of nowhere to challenge the best Podracers today.

This confident Triffian boasts three semi-pro titles on Malastare.

beed, listen ( file info ) src, the, triffians were a species of sentient humanoids characterized by furry bodies and large, triangle-shaped appendages, called thermoregulator flaps, that protruded from the shoulders and helped regulate body temperature.

Other physical characteristics exhibited by members of the species were three-fingered hands, webbed feet, claws, and colorful fur and skin.

Since integrating into galactic society by the latter days of the.

Galactic Republic, Triffians were present on planets such as, kiffex and, coruscant, the galactic capital.

They were represented in the.

Galactic Senate by, senator, eelen Li of the planet, triffis.

The species boasted their own celebrity in the person.

Endocott, a, podracer known for a string of victories on the planet Malastare and his personal panache.

Endocott placed fourth in the 32 BBY Boonta Eve Classic race on the planet Tatooine, beating his rival, the Dug Sebulba.

Biology and appearance Edit Triffians were covered in patches of differently colored fur.

Triffians were furry humanoids whose stature stood them shorter than many other sentient species.

For instance, the Triffian Podracer pilot Ebe.

Endocott stood only.22 meters tall.

1 The Triffian body could grow quite plump in some members, although the limbs remained thin.

The torso and belly generally sported a thin coat of fur, either light- colored 2 or gray, 3 that allowed details of the skin, such as nipples and scars, to show through.
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