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to a mass audience and much more low-key?

Of course not sequels are bigger and better.

Ask anyone working on a AAA franchise what their role is and whatever the specifics, youll quickly find that they work in either the enlargement or improvement department.

This is as true at Rockstar as anywhere else, so its no surprise that.

Game Informers reveal of, gTA V details harps on about size.

The issue itself is even Game Informers most massive sequel our biggest cover story yet!

But what does it actually tell us?

It doesnt tell us a PC release date, or even confirm that a PC version is or will be in the works.

This means the best case scenario is probably a minimum six month wait, but lets hope the eventual port wont chew up the innards of the average computer, or pull a Red Dead Redemption and forget to exist.

You could just stop reading now and wait until we know more about the PC version, but if you do want to read on, its all down there rather than being spread across an entire week.

The information thats risen to the top of the revelation brew is based around the inclusion of three playable characters and a massive world.

Lets do the world first.

If you havent already seen the following" then you may not have been on the internet at all since yesterday afternoon.

Bigger than RDR, San Andreas and GTA4 combined.

Rockstar arent interested in the single city block, theyre interested in the city itself and they want to do justice to the real life Los Angeles.

Thats the big then.

A city and its surroundings, all offered up in that sandbox style.

Itll need variety to be compelling, rather than simply being more ill-defined city blocks, and Dan Houser offers this: The contrast between desert/rural Southern California, inland from LA and just a bit north, compared to LA, gives you.

Those are words that make GTA V sound like it might be an interesting game.
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