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Structure of NetBSD Project Status Recent improvements Future Directions page What is NetBSD?

One of 3 major open-source BSD projects NetBSD, FreeBSD, OpenBSD Goals Architecturally clean Highly portable Highly interoperable State-of-the-art security BSD license Working on NetBSD.6 page Goal: Architecturally clean Well designed Complete Stable Fast page Goal: Highly portable (1/3) Flexible.

K 1478k 73 size 4, prefix " " font "typewriter" 1998.

K 2171k 105 size 4, prefix " " font "typewriter" 1999.3.

K 2222k 134 size 4, prefix " " font "typewriter" 2000.4.

K 3113k 183 size 4, prefix " " font "typewriter" 2001.

K 4751k 223 size 4, prefix " " font "typewriter" now current k 5052k 252 * i386 generic kernel size page Recent improvements Platforms Performance Devices Miscellaneous kernel Networking Security Userland page Platforms New platforms algor Algorithmics mips evaluation boards.

(iop) Mylex DAC960 raid (mlx) Symbios/NCR 53C710 scsi (osiop) page Devices (3/4) Networking 3Com 3c529 MCA (ep) 3Com EtherLink/MC (3c523) MCA (elmc) Aironet 4500/4800, Cisco 340/350 wireless (an) DE-422 eisa (le) DMC-11/DMR-11 ddcmp interface (dmc) Interlan NI1010 (il) NE2000.

XxN syntax ipfilter now only works on IPsec wire-format packets Alternate queuing (altq) page Networking (2/2) 802.11 wireless networking Improved wireless encryption (WEP) wi defaults to BSS (base station) instead of ad-hoc Optional RFC1948 - cryptographic hash for TCP ISS.

Improve support for embedded environments, including MMU-less systems page Future directions (2/2) Performance enhancements Improve responsiveness by reducing interrupt latencies Kernel and library profiling Multi-lingual improvements console driver getopt(3) wide char to close PR 13 Kernel linker for enhanced LKM support.
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