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At the TUG 2016 conference in Toronto Frank gave a presentation on globally optimized paginiation using LuaTeX as the processing engine.

The presentation demonstrated a framework for automatically producing an optimal pagination for documents (containing floats) such as Alice in Wonderland.

The slide deck (or rather the mindmap he used) and the demonstration documents are now available on the.

Publications page ; the video of the talk will follow in the near future.

Software Engineering: Stories Assignment, working individually, please write 10 user stories as we discussed in class for your project.

In addition to the story text, also provide a priority (5 levels with 1 being immediate/high and 5 being low) and a time estimate in weeks for each.

Be sure to make a journal entry for your story creation.

After each team member has written their own ten stories, meet with your team and discuss them.

Combine all of your individual stories into one team list.

Remove duplicate stories with significant overlap; check and revise priorities and time estimates as well.

One team member should record the minites of the meeting and email the minutes to all team members and to me (with the required subject, SE stories minutes).

Another individual should enter the stories into the mantis bug tracker system (use.
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