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IPad Screenshots, abilipad is a customizable keyboard and adaptive notepad, with word prediction and text-to-speech.

"Best app for adaptive writing and reading!" @smartapps4kids.

Features: Keyboard Editor enables one to quickly and easily create customized keyboard layouts: Assign each key any letter, word, sentence or picture.

Merge cells together to form larger keys.

Create audio recordings, select from various fonts and letters sizes.

Use different colors for the grid, keys and letters.

The adaptive notepad provides scaffolding and support: Distraction-free writing space, word Prediction (available in English, Spanish, French and German language settings).

Set the text style (font, size and color) and background color.

Include images from the image library or use your own pictures.

Add, duplicate and reorder pages, link keyboards to effortlessly shift between from one to the next.

Text-to-speech: Words are highlighted as they are spoken.
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